MindTravel Silent Walking Meditation in San Francisco on Lands End Trail

Allow yourself to be carried away by the deep feeling of freedom and connection of MindTravel’s Silent Walking Meditation. This magical experience is led by MindTravel creator and composer, Murray Hidary.

Over the course of the experience, you’ll join other MindTravelers exploring one of the world’s most beautiful trails while guided by MindTravel music delivered through MindTravel headphones. The evocative, improvisational piano music ignites freedom and expansiveness that amplifies the healing and inspirational power of being surrounded by beauty.

After a short introduction and intention-setting, the group will venture forth on a guided meditative hike on Lands End Trail with mesmerizing views of rocky coastal terrain and the Golden Gate Bridge creating a contemplative and powerful creative journey–all while enveloped in the transcendent sounds of the beautiful, original MindTravel compositions.

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Event Details
Event Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Event Starts: N/A
Event Ends: N/A
Event Recurring: No
Event Type: Physical
Event Location N/A
Event Organizer N/A
Contact Info. N/A