Women’s Writing, Yoga, and Meditation Circles with Dina Varellas

Dina Varellas is the author of Wild Horse, Wild Heart, an intuitive writing coach, and facilitator of women’s writing, yoga, and meditation circles.

As an intuitive writing coach, she is committed to creating a safe space for women to find, develop and share their voices, igniting their creative energy and intuition through writing. She is passionate about self-discovery, healing, and empowerment through expressive writing, authentic connection, and sharing our stories.

As a facilitator of small groups and circles, Dina invites women to breathe, feel, and show up just as they are. She blends meditation and yoga with nourishing self-care practices, community, and connection, creating an inviting space for women to explore their curiosity, innate wisdom and knowing, vulnerability, and courage.

She’s known for writing articles on yogic philosophy, daily practice and self-care, and real-life uplifting and inspiring stories.

Dina believes in a harmonious approach to life, aspiring to create a quiet, calm, clear stillness in the mind and building sattva in the body and energy through daily practices that support and reveal our soul’s subtle inner knowing and language.

Website: www.dinavarellas.com

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