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inspiring environments where
all people know they matter.

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What is

People are increasingly realizing that we need a new approach to how we understand ourselves and how we work together. Communities are feeling the pressures of the world around them—at work, home, school, and communities.  Behavioral Fitness programs are created to meet your needs, either at your place of work, community, team, of family, etc.

Each program is thoughtfully curated to include the science behind why barriers exist for us and how to efficiently and effectively facilitate an easier path forward to change.

As a result of our work: organizations have the metrics they need to meet their strategic goals, communities are making big impact in the initiatives they are passionate about, and people report being happier, feeling connected to the life they desire, a weight being lifted and a more peaceful path through life.

Who can benefit?

Behavioral Fitness for Organizations


Employees are leaving the workplace burned out, under-appreciated, depressed, and disillusioned. Workplace stress can put employees at risk of engaging in high-risk behaviors and ultimately leaving the organization—at a cost to both the employee and the business. Behavioral Fitness can help develop the practices needed to ensure you—and your employees—are working together in meaningful ways.

Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

What would happen if you had someone right next to you who knew exactly what you needed and had an unwavering belief in you? What if that person was you? Behavioral Fitness helps to discover the root causes of maladaptive behaviors, identify ways to work better with others, and develop new approaches to facing life challenges. Learn how to get started building your behaviorally fit life and family.



Communities of people across the US are experiencing many common concerns. Behavioral Fitness helps to create and sustain a more peaceful path forward by bringing population-specific groups together to gain the knowledge and skills on critical topics such as public policy, addiction prevention and treatment, healthcare, technology, higher education, criminal justice, cannabis safety training, and more.



When we build a thoughtful Wellness Plan early in life, we are significantly more capable to perform the behaviors necessary to achieve our quality of life goals. Our work in K-12 schools and universities is revolutionizing the way we learn to measure our own worth and navigate peacefully in the world around us. Everything we need is already inside us, Behavioral Fitness is here to help you access it in new ways.

Who is behind Behavioral Fitness?

Behavioral Fitness was founded by Dr. Allyson Mayo, a Doctor of Behavioral Health, and an industry expert educating on how to prescribe “Lifestyle Medicine” for the root causes of maladaptive behaviors. Through her revolutionary approach of Behavioral Fitness, she carves out a much needed new path exceptional mental health. A professor at the University of San Francisco and a county mental health representative, she is committed to seeing that our communities become behaviorally fit.

You may say I am a dreamer but I hope someday you will join us so the world can all live as one.

John Lennon