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Our Commitment to
Social Responsibility

The people that we serve have a deep commitment to being socially responsible human beings. 

Our market is well known for being underpaid and inadequately recognized for the way they show up for the human side of business and community. We have been told by our clients that they know they are doing the right things when people around them feel valued and like someone cares. 

We believe that there needs to be a paradigm shift, that people who do mission-driven work, the work that they were called to do in life, should have the opportunity to build wealth. These people will bring our communities back together and eradicate hate, loneliness, deaths of despair, and addiction. 

Behavioral Fitness’ social responsibility is to raise the hearts and talents of our people. We do this by 

  • Creating paid opportunities for student fieldwork/internships
  • Raising funds for free Behavioral Fitness memberships so that no one is ever left behind and has to leave rehab alone 
  • Employing people not based on degrees alone but elevating the value of life’s lived experiences 
  • Providing opportunities for people to share their innovations and be heard, given credit for finding ways to push this meaningful Behavioral Fitness mission forward through their innovations 
  • Creating regular opportunities to publicize their talents in the arts and sciences (our followers and clients are artists, poets, musicians, and creators…) their expressions are often the silenced voices of our communities and we will prioritize their exposure and recognition