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Support for Myself

In today’s environment, norms are always evolving. What once seemed socially “normal” may now require new approaches, new vocabulary, and new thinking. Young adults may need help reshaping the way they show up in the world. Our programs help you begin engaging the world as the “true you” –-without the emotional barriers that may be holding you back. You are an incredible individual. You may just need a trusted —a partner in thinking through how you communicate, act, and interpret your family and social environment. Our programs are designed for you.

Companion Programs For Myself

The Buddy Program

From an individual standpoint, the Buddy Program provides a non-biased, non-judgemental, and uniquely objective perspective to help identify areas or relationships in your daily life that may benefit from a new viewpoint.


The Lifestyle-Shift program is for those individuals who need a little extra support shifting the fundamentals of their lifestyle to be seen and accepted as the great person they are. The Lifestyle-Shift program incorporates individual time with a peer companion who will help them become more self-aware. They help recognize behaviors that are leading to misunderstanding and preventing individuals from being accepted and trusted in the family, school, and society. The program incorporates group activities, workshops, and social skill development tailored to the individual’s specific Lifestyle-Shift objectives.

Life Advocate

The Life-Advocate program is for those whose situation requires a more continuous level of engagement to make immediate changes in behaviors that are making day-to-day life impossible for the family and themselves. If high-risk behaviors are causing you to become more concerned about your loved one and you think an all-day companion would reduce risk and help create immediate change and bring relief to all involved, this program can help.

Services Included in These Programs

  • Progress Notes
  • Daily phone Check-In
  • In-Person Support
  • Coping Skills Workshops
  • Social Skills Workshops
  • Medical and Appointments Setup
  • Healthcare Service Coordination (based on insurance coverage)
  • Recovery Groups
  • Nutrition Planning
  • Vocational and Career
  • Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Anger Management
  • Medication Management
  • Transitional Support for Return from Rehab
  • On-Demand Support
  • Transportation Services
  • Relationship Support
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Emotional Support Animal Services
  • Community Service Services Coordination
  • Facilitates Boundary Building within Household
  • Family re-integration Post Discharge from Rehabilitation
  • Behavioral Wellness Planning Workshops
  • Parent/loved One Support Groups

Getting started is easy!

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Mayo to learn more about Behavioral, Sober, & Peer Companions—and be on your way to being behaviorally fit today!