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Employees are leaving the workplace burned out, under-appreciated, depressed, and disillusioned. Workplace stress can put employees at risk of engaging in high-risk behaviors and ultimately leaving the organization—at a cost to both the employee and the business. Behavioral Fitness can help develop the practices needed to ensure you—and your employees—are working together in meaningful ways.

The team at Behavioral Fitness has developed a number of organization-focused programs to address some of the unique challenges facing businesses and organizations.  These evidence-based programs work to identify and address the root causes of issues.

We partner with experts in a wide variety of fields and specialties to develop a results-oriented Behavioral Fitness plan that is aligned with your business goals and objectives. Programs incorporate many aspects of Lifestyle Medicine (art, music, human connection, photography, theater) as well as technology tools to encourage engagement.

Some of our cornerstone Organizational programs include:

Organizational Assessment

Conduct a formal assessment of current root causes of problems with culture, morale, and key productivity markers.


Develop the tools to help your workforce respond to public/social health problems in the workplace. Develop resources to create safe spaces in the workplace, train leaders, and provide the supports your organization.


Collaborate in small peer-to-peer groups and within teams to develop tools to work better together.

Community Building

Use inter-professional partnerships to access care and build community in order to meet the needs of the organization or business. Learn how to use inclusive language and engage in outreach to your team.

Program Development

Develop and implement programs for change management (led by Sigma Black Belts, Doctors of Behavioral Health, and industry leaders).

Leverage unique programs such as HIPP (Healing In Place Program) and PEACE (Providing Easier Access To Care Everywhere).

Organizations that participate in our Behavioral Fitness program come away with a more socially responsible, inclusive workplace.

  • Measurable improvements in employee productivity
  • Enriched corporate culture, better work/life balance, happier employees
  • Improved recruiting ability and employee retention rates
  • Strengthened confidence in the organization