Programs & Services

Our Programs

Behavioral Fitness Today offers a series of multi-disciplinary programs designed to improve your well-being. These programs are a much-needed and new approach to finding ways to expand our minds and achieve our highest quality of life.

Driven by the consumer demand to stay creative, current, and grounded in the core principals of inclusivity, diversity, nature, and art, we maintain our social responsibility by offering these programs to all segments of our community. We promise that there is something for everyone.

As we navigate the impacts of COVID-19, we are finding that our community is craving connection now more than ever. We are excited to offer Fireside Groups (limited to six attendees) where we can safely gather to engage in meaningful work to promote well-being and deepen our connection to one another.

Behavioral Fitness™ Action Plan

Our Behavioral Fitness Action Plans are a comprehensive, dynamic, evidence-based approach to ensure everyone in your organization feels supported.

Chief Wellness Officer On-Demand

Our Chief Wellness Officer On-Demand program ensures that your organization has the wellness support it needs when you need it most.

Healthcare Workforce Retreats & Workshops

Our healthcare workforce is experiencing an unprecedented level of emotional, physical, and spiritual exhaustion. The effects of burnout, overwhelm, and moral injury are resulting in experiences of languishing for many involved with the healthcare industry. We work  to facilitate a happier and healthier workforce.

Population Health Management Programs

Look beyond lifestyle and biometric testing to improve the overall wellness of your workforce.

Custom Groups

Behavioral Fitness is pleased to offer custom gatherings for your team, group, school or family. Whatever your specific need, we are available to work with you to curate a customized program to address your unique goals and objectives. We are able to come together in-person for small fireside groups*, meet in a socially-distanced outdoor setting, or connect virtually through Zoom.

*Fireside groups currently limited to six attendees. We plan to expand the capacity for these groups once guidelines for the Contra Costa County COVID-19 restrictions allow.

Behaviorally Fit Backyards

It is time to come together in new ways. Humans are hard-wired for connection and now more than ever we need to be expansive in how we connect with ourselves and one another. This is what it looks like to be a Behaviorally Fit Community during these unprecedented times.

Behavioral Fitness Companions

Humans are hard-wired for connection and seek to be understood and valued by the world around them.  Whatever your circumstances, environment, or skills, there is a need to know that you are not alone in this experience and you have access to connection.  What we know for sure is that together we can do great things.