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Behavioral Fitness
for Healthcare Workers

Designed by a Doctor of Behavioral Health
and an Emergency Nurse Leader

Our healthcare workforce is experiencing an unprecedented level of emotional, physical, and spiritual exhaustion. The effects of burnout, overwhelm, and moral injury are resulting in experiences of languishing for many involved with the healthcare industry. We know that the environment can be a significant part of the therapeutic and healing experience. In Behavioral Medicine, it is referred to as the “Set & Setting”—the mindset and the physical setting to promote a sense of peace and well-being, typically utilized as a facilitator to connection and calmness. Inspired by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Joy In Work Framework, addiction medicine, and best-in-class wellness retreats and spas from around the world, Behavioral Fitness has developed a series of retreats and workshops to facilitate a happier and healthier workforce. Our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of the healthcare workforce.

What we offer

Individual healthcare workers can access Behavioral Fitness™ support. Meet with a healthcare worker who gets it.

Customized Retreats & Workshops are designed to ensure your healthcare workforce leaves feeling inspired, invigorated, deeply connected with a sense of purpose, and able to align their core values with that of their organization’s mission.

  • Explore your organization/team/department’s unique needs and curate a single or series of events to meet your needs.
  • Organize wellness workshops and retreats addressing topics such as food as medicine, art for healing, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, movement, connection and process, relationships, and rejuvenation, music, drumming, cooking, to name a few.
  • Select offsite settings in nature (garden settings, fireside, mountains, coastal, and private retreat settings) to facilitate our events.
  • Measure each experience to report out a return on your investment of resources. Our expert behavioral science, population health, public health, and business professionals will prepare and track all outcomes and deliver an easy-to-understand risk management assessment as a tool to continue evolving the well-being of your organization.
  • Use improvement science to explore the root causes of any problems and address problems with a deeper understanding.
  • Provide sustainability planning to ensure efficient and effective resource utilization.

Our diverse team of professionals includes but is not limited to doctors, nurses, specialty medical providers, healthcare administrators, as well as healthcare industry experts in technology, population health management, mental health, and addiction medicine.

Who can benefit from
Healthcare Workforce
Retreats & Workshops?

  • Individuals
  • Organizations
  • Department leaders
  • People officers and human resource professionals
  • Anyone interested in best-in-class well-being programs and approaches to psychological safety

Getting started is easy

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Mayo to learn more about Healthcare Workforce Retreats & Workshops—and be on your way to being behaviorally fit today!