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Behaviorally Fit

It is time to come together in new ways. Humans are hard-wired for connection and now more than ever we need to be expansive in how we connect with ourselves and one another. This is what it looks like to be a Behaviorally Fit Community during these unprecedented times.

Behaviorally Fit Backyards is about building communities from the inside, being the heart of a neighborhood and bringing people together in the best way possible.  There has never been a better time to connect with neighbors in a safe outdoor setting and engage in meaningful experiences that broaden our consideration of how to be well and nourish our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls as together we create a peaceful path forward.

Our Behaviorally Fit Experts have prepared a uniquely personalized menu of programs to ensure that you will get the most our of each day.  Each offering is specifically population specific to ensure that our unique needs and interests are met at every turn.

Wellness Education

Learn more about wellness topics ranging from nutrition to mindfulness.


Engage in outdoor fitness activities such as stretching, strength training, yoga, rowing and more.

Support Groups

Connect with others facing similar challenges—and the experts who can help you improve your well-being.

How can Behaviorally Fit Backyards help me?

  • Connect with others in a meaningful way
  • Incorporate movement program into your day
  • Be supported by a community, realize that you are not alone
  • Develop skills on how to move through life more peacefully
  • Deepen your connection with yourself and capability to connect with others
  • Navigate a life change (Shelter In Place, Grief/Loss, Divorce, illness, economic changes, employment)
  • Practice managing emotional stress, physical stress, overwhelm, anxious symptoms, and so forth

Who can benefit from the Behaviorally Fit Backyards program?

  • Youth (age 6-12)
  • Teens (age 13-17/18)
  • Young Adult (18-28)
  • Adult 18 +
  • Parents
  • Older Adults

Where do you offer the Behaviorally Fit Backyards programs?

Behaviorally Fit Backyards is currently being offered in the Northgate Neighborhood in Walnut Creek, California.

Additional locations are coming soon! No neighborhood is left behind. Find out how your neighborhood can be the next Behaviorally Fit Backyard.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mayo today.

Getting started is easy!

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Mayo to learn more about the programs offered in YOUR neighborhood—and be on your way to being behaviorally fit today! Getting started costs as little as $35 per week!