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When we build a thoughtful Wellness Plan early in life, we are significantly more capable to perform the behaviors necessary to achieve our quality of life goals. Our work in K-12 schools and universities is revolutionizing the way we learn to measure our own worth and navigate peacefully in the world around us. Everything we need is already inside us, Behavioral Fitness is here to help you access it in new ways.

Today’s youth are innovators, activists, change agents; they contain boundless transformative potential. Our youth bring their wealth of insight and fresh eyes to a forum that elevates their voices and catalyzes their diverse perspectives into a shared vision. They find they are better together, made more purposeful through connection to one another. Today’s youth know who they are. They are change-makers to the core.

Behavioral Fitness is a valuable life skill—one that when instilled early on, will yield life-long benefit. Our team has developed a program that aims to develop the social and emotional skills needed to be behaviorally fit at an early age. Targeted to both the k-12 and collegiate environments, we tailor Behavioral Fitness programs with age-appropriate tools to address the unique needs facing our youth today and empower them for a life of success.

Some of our cornerstone Schools programs include:


Learn about eco-anxiety and how to respond to a population of students that is suffering with worry about topics such as school shootings, global warming, children on the border, fires, earthquakes, and more.


Participate in a wide range of workshops built around lifestyle medicine (art, music, human connection, photography, theater) to develop tools to work better together, connect with core values, and approach new and complex situations.


Collaborate with the academic workforce to adequately prepare them to respond to the needs of a student population that is increasingly experiencing trauma, overwhelming and often catastrophic thinking.


Build human connections with small peer groups focused on concerns particular to our youth (social justice, substance use, academic stress, technology, family life).

Schools that participate in our Behavioral Fitness program come away with a staff and student body that has the social and emotional skills needed to more easily face the challenges of today’s world.

  • Lower rates of suicide
  • Decreases in bullying
  • Less educator burnout
  • Optimized educational resources
  • Improved quality of work
  • Empowered student body
  • Stronger parent/child relationships