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Communities of people across the US are experiencing many common concerns. Behavioral Fitness helps to create and sustain a more peaceful path forward by bringing population-specific groups together to gain the knowledge and skills on critical topics such as public policy, addiction prevention and treatment, healthcare, technology, higher education, criminal justice, cannabis safety training, and more.

The team at Behavioral Fitness has developed a number of community-focused programs to address some of the challenges facing communities today. These evidence-based programs address maladaptive behaviors (often labeled by the medical community as disorders). We partner with experts in a wide variety of fields and specialties and integrate technology (video conferencing, online apps, texting, podcasts, videos) wherever possible.

Some of our cornerstone Community programs include:

Workforce Development

Develop the tools to help your workforce respond to public/social health problems facing us today. Learn how to bring resources together to create safe spaces in our neighborhoods, train leaders on how to respond to emergency situations, and provide the support your community needs to be behaviorally fit.

Speaker Series

Join us for our Community Speaker Series (on topics such as addiction, mental health, signs and symptoms in children, environmental health and much, much more) conducted by medical teams, public health professionals, and experts in the field.

Dr. Ally’s List

Support building a community of socially responsible, service-oriented businesses that are Behaviorally Fit. Learn how to use inclusive language and engage with others to improve your outreach to customers/clients. Create positive experiences for everyone in your community.

Training Programs

Learn how you can return to your community and contribute in meaningful ways, such as teaching non-violent communication strategies, advocating for children experiencing neglect and/or abuse, recognizing early signs of trauma, or helping to provide the right care at the right time.

Lizzy’s Lounge

Connect with others through this unique program aimed at addressing the loneliness epidemic. Local Bay Area coffee shops establish a space where everyone is welcome to build connections. These venues also host guest speakers, workshops, open mic nights, and poetry readings. Open yourself up to meeting others who are in recovery from divorce, grief, addiction, and loneliness.

Communities who participate in our Behavioral Fitness program come away with a more socially responsible, inclusive community.

  • Reduced health-related events (anxiety, depression, addiction, loneliness)
  • Increased participation in community problem-solving and decision-making
  • A more diverse, engaged, and inclusive community
  • Access to resources to increase positive experiences